An English skills research was conducted by EF in 2016 and it shows nearly 8% of 265 million Indonesians speak English. This figure considered as low compared to other countries in South East Asia such as The Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. One of the common issues to English learners in Indonesia is theory-oriented learning method. Thus, a revolutionary English teaching method is badly needed to improve Indonesian English learners to skyrocket their English skills.

Based on this fact, the governor of Bangka Belitung, Mr. Erzaldi worked hand-in-hand with English Today Bangka Belitung to enhance English education quality in the region through English teacher training program.
Ms. Erni, one of the participants shared her opinion about this training program to our contributor in Bangka:
Hello, I’m Erni Yulianti. I would like to say thank you to our governor who had shown his attention to the enhancement of our English education system. I hope there will be more governors in Indonesia who are interested to follow his footstep to pay attention to the development of English education in their regions. During the training programs, Mr. Mark gave us a lot of practical and applicative materials to overcome issues and challenges in teaching English. He always showed his positive vibe and he was passionate to teach us. With the materials that I acquired,  I was able to use creative and interactive English teaching methods and my students love it. I hope this program will be held annually. I would like to say thanks to English Today Bangka Belitung for this unforgettable experience.