Recently, an English instructor in Bangka has joined a teacher training program that was held by the local authority. This program was conducted by English Today Bangka Belitung. So, how’s the program according to this participant? This is the story:

English for Tourism

I think this teacher’s training program is amazing. I found it different with other programs that I had been participating. The materials are fine-tuned and helped me a lot to improve my teaching methods. The instructor used the enjoyable teaching methods that enable me to understand the materials readily. I would like to say thank you to our governor, Mr. Erzaldi Djohan who has been concerned about education improvement in Bangka Belitung. I hope this program will be held annually. I was inspired by Mr.Mark’s teaching methods in class. He always endeavored to involve us in every session of the training. Made us feel part of his teaching. I never felt sleepy or bored during the training from the very first meeting to the last meeting. Thank you very much Mr.Mark.
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