This is the true story of an English Mentor in Bangka who has participated in a teacher training program with English Today Bangka Belitung. What does she think about this program and how this program helps her to be a better English teacher? Here’s the story:
I am Nirmawati, and I was the oldest participant in this program. However, my willingness to be a better English educator for students made me eager to learn more and to find out modern English teaching methods and strategies. It’s an honor for me to join this program and I would like to say thanks to the governor of Bangka Belitung, Mr.Erzaldi Rosman Djohan who allowed me to participate in this training with English Today Bangka Belitung.
At the first meeting of this program, I was surprised to find out that even as an English teacher I still had been making basic English mistakes such as : I want to introduce myself when I should have said allow me to introduce myself. However, our instructor in this training, Mr.Mark encouraged us to learn from mistakes and he motivated us to be more passionate to do our jobs as English teachers.
I need knowledge to improve my students and the way to teach them. I make mistake with Indonesian habit like introduction “I want to introduce myself” we should do it  “Allow me to introduce myself” or let me to introduce myself. English is KISS (Keep it Short and Simple) In this training we learn about personal branding and pronunciation. Besides classroom management, personal branding and pronunciation, I also learnt 10 skills for modern English teachers such as:
  • organization
  • preparation
  • commitment
  • Innovative
  • Technology
  • Enthusiast
  • Tolerance
  • Story telling
  • Open for questions
  • Social
  • Geek
I’m looking forward to apply teaching methods that we’ve learnt from from Mr.Mark.  I would like to recommend teacher training program with English Today Indonesia to enhance teachers’ teaching skills.