The teacher training program in Bangka with English Today has ignited the passion of 50 English teachers in the region becoming a better English teacher to their students. Hafniliana, one of the participants in this program would like to share her experience in this program with us. Here’s the complete story:
With the help of instructor from English Today Bangka Belitung in this program, I found out the art of teaching English which involved beauty, harmony, joy and laughter within English teaching-learning process. At first, I was wondering why all of my students seemed bored during the lesson even though I tried to deliver the materials as simple as possible. Then, I found out that was because of my teaching method which merely theory-oriented rather than practice-oriented.  This program is fabulous. I think that as teachers, we had already missed the joy and essence of education. We almost forgot that teaching is an art which involved beauty, harmony, joy and laughter and it can’t be separated from education process. They are united as single unity. The ways Mr.Ricardo brings the ideas of teaching and of being coworkers at school institution ignite our almost blown up flames as the effects of the gloomy condition in the teaching world. I truly admit that this program run by English Today and especially under Mr.Mark’s guidance and instruction has already enhanced and in fact keep inspiring us as teachers, motivators and inspirations to our students. Thank you Mr. Mark.

I do believe that solving the educational issues requires big changes and takes time, which sometimes traps us in old fashion teaching methods. But now, this program has widened our perspectives, that whatever the scrutiny we face, the meaning of education should not be distorted by the political reasons and the world demands. Thank you very much to English Today and Mr. Rikardo. Keep fighting with us for the better education.